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19 Sep

At the link below, you’ll find an outstanding article about the Waffle House chain restaurant and their excellent business continuity practices in action. What is business continuity? It’s emergency planning for businesses – determining what your functions your organization absolutely needs, and developing strategies to make sure these functions can continue during times of crisis – during natural disasters or man-made disasters.

I don’t mean to say your business must be housed in a reinforced concrete bunker, capable of withstanding a nuclear blast or an armed assault by even the most determined, steely-eyed terrorists out there. (If you do want that, I’m an anti-terrorism and physical security expert as well as an emergency planner – we can make it happen!)

Business continuity protects your bottom line – that’s what business comes down to in the end, right? Every organization needs a comprehensive plan to ensure the business can continue to function through adverse conditions. Think back to the last time your area experienced a wide-spread power loss – wasn’t it inconveinent that so many stores were closed, due to lack of power? How much business do you think they lost because they couldn’t be open? How long do you think they can afford to be not taking in any revenue? Consider that, then consider your own business. Are you prepared?

Waffle House article:

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